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Herbs and Nutrition

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Dr. Johnson’s approach is to first focus on the problem that is troubling you the most and treat it aggressively. Once you are feeling better, then she will re-assess and help you develop a maintenance plan to keep you healthy. Many patients make the mistake of starting with supplements that are for maintenance but don’t necessarily make you feel better. An experienced provider can help you understand which treatments will actually make you feel different right now.

A new survey has found that 72% of doctors and 89% of nurses use dietary supplements to improve their own health. And as many as 79% of doctors as well as 82% of nurses said they also recommend them to their patients to promote fitness and well-being. The use of natural products is growing quickly. It is very easy to look up your conditions online and buy supplements that don’t work for you because they are not the right fit. I often see patients spending hundreds on supplements that are not making any difference. Sometimes, they are accidentally taking something that makes the problem worse. Many supplements can cause some huge changes in the body. Because of that, it is really important to have guidance from a qualified professional who understands your whole medical history. Nutrition and herbs can completely change the way you feel if they are used properly. The person choosing your program needs to have a detailed understanding of your medications, medical history, diagnosis, symptoms, and allergies. With that information, many people are able to feel more energy, happier, stronger, and avoid medications with troubling side effects.

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