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Services include

source link Utilizing a unique approach to combining diet, lifestyle, herbs, acupuncture, nutrition, and pharmaceutical consultation to perfect your health.

Weight Loss
Herbs and Nutrition
Pharmaceutical Consultation
Hormone Balance

go site Before you try surgeries or medications with potential side effects, have a consult to see if acupuncture is right for you.  It can be very effective for even the most complicated conditions.

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Weight Loss

go to site For many people, weight loss is extremely challenging. You do everything that you are told, and you still gain weight. You starve yourself and exercise, but it isn’t sustainable. The goal with weight loss is to create…

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Herbs and Nutrition

amazone binere optonen Dr. Johnson’s approach is to first focus on the problem that is troubling you the most and treat it aggressively. Once you are feeling better, then she will re-assess and help you develop a maintenance plan to…

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Pharmaceutical Consultation

In most cases, this is done in collaboration with your primary care doctor. If you don’t have a primary care doctor, or your doctor is not interested in collaborating, we can help you find the right fit…

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Alicia Johnson Naturopathic Doctor

anton yelchin dating 2013 Dr. Johnson is a graduate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. She received her acupuncture training from the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. Prior to medical school, she received her Bachelors of Science in Life Sciences with a secondary degree in Gerontology, the study of aging. Dr. Johnson’s patients are treated individually with a combination of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement recommendations, acupuncture, nutritional supplementation, botanical medicine, dietary counseling, homeopathy, and lifestyle counseling.

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Brain Chemistry

Responsible for the "chemical imbalances" seen in depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, bipolar disorder and many other mental health conditions. Neurotransmitters can be tested to find out which levels are out of balance.

Stool Analysis

feldene dispersal 20 mg diszpergálódó tabletta Gastrointestinal health is important for digestion, nutrient use, and ridding the body of waste and pathogens. Poor digestion and malabsorption lead to immunological disorders, nutritional problems, and other chronic diseases. Further, poor digestive function can lead to food sensitivities.

Adrenal Function

voltaren 500mg nebenwirkungen yasmin Chronic stress can lead to changes in our physiology. Hormones like cortisol, DHEA, thyroid, and even our sex hormones change when we are under significant stress. If your stress hormones are too high, you can experience anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, and hypertension.

Food Sensitivity

cipro xr 500mg side effects Gastrointestinal health is important for digestion, nutrient use, and ridding the body of waste and pathogens. Poor digestion and malabsorption lead to immunological disorders, nutritional problems, and other chronic diseases. Further, poor digestive function can lead to food sensitivities.

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Health and Weight Loss Podcasts

Dr. Johnson Co-hosts a podcast about weight loss. Frank, a professional podcaster, is on his weight loss journey as she…

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Essential oils are so popular right now!  People are always coming and asking about the things they are trying at…

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What patients say about Dr. Johnson

  • I went to see Dr. Johnson after living with pretty severe postpartum anxiety and panic attacks for several months. After my second baby, within a week, I was having severe postpartum anxiety and panic attacks. On some days, I was having 2 or 3 panic attacks. I sought out traditional therapies such as antidepressants and counseling to no avail. After the antidepressant was not working and actually making it worse, I spoke to my OB on several occasions and she did not have answers for me. After 4 months of seeking relief, I began to investigate alternate therapies as I knew I there had to be something out there to help me. I found Dr. Johnson. On my initial visit, I felt listened to and felt Dr. Johnson cared about my situation. She was attentive, thorough and patiently answered my questions. She immediately recommended using a bioidentical progesterone, changing my diet, counseling and using some homeopathic remedies and herbal medicines. I followed her recommendations and within about a week, my panic attacks subsided. It took a little longer for my anxiety to subside fully, but for over a year, Dr. Johnson followed me to make sure I continued to improve. She monitored my hormone levels thru blood draws and adjusted my plan of care accordingly. I became pregnant with our third child, and Dr. Johnson followed me thru that pregnancy and developed a plan of care with me in case my anxiety became out of control during the pregnancy and/or postpartum. My third pregnancy and postpartum period was so much better, and I credit so much of my health during this time period to Dr. Johnson's knowledge, attentiveness and care.

  • I have seen Dr Johnson for over 6 years and she has provided valuable guidance for several different areas of my life. I have always been someone who reacts poorly to medicine and to my relief Dr Johnson and her treatments have always been just what I needed. First, and most importantly she helped me become pregnant with both of my children. I had struggled with fertility for almost 2 years when she assisted me in regulating my hormones, eating a better diet and provided accupuncture. Through both pregnancies I saw Dr Johnson once a month for accupuncture which helped with my morning sickness and allergies. Most recently, I developed hives and intense itching that would not go away. Dr Johnson ran several lab tests and started me on a treatment that quickly relieved my symptoms. It's always interesting to me how the smallest detail will provide her with the missing piece of the puzzle. Once she has that information she will provide you with the background of why she suggests a treatment plan and all of the pros/cons of the plan. I consider Dr Johnson my primary care physician for my myself and my children. Most of my family and friends now see Dr Johnson as a result of the success that I have had under her treatment. I highly recommend anyone see Dr Johnson, but most importantly those people who have not had positive results from "traditional" medical care.