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The One Fertility Signal I Have Women Look For

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Checking ovulation tests, temperatures, and charts will work for many women who want to track their cycles.  I like something that is pretty simple and easy to do.  Check for cervical fluid.  If it is there, you should try to conceive.  Rising levels of estrogen in the body cause your cervix to secrete cervical mucous.  This is the signal that your eggs are developing and that you are fertile.  85% of the time, ovulation takes place on the last day of cervical mucous or the day after the last day.  The egg has the potential to be fertilized for the next 12-24 hours.  The cervical mucous serves to keep sperm cells alive while the little guys wait for ovulation.  Cervical mucous can keep sperm alive for 3-5 days.  This makes it an excellent marker of fertility.  The best time to have intercourse is the 4th day of the cervical mucous and the day after.  The cervical mucous will also keep sperm alive for 3-5 days, so all days of the fertile cervical mucous are fine.  Some experts recommend waiting 48 hours to allow your partner’s sperm count to increase.  Don’t know how to check for cervical fluid?  Read on…

  1. Before urinating in the morning, wipe with tissue to collect any cervical mucous at the vaginal opening.
  2. If there is mucous visible on the tissue, pick it up between your thumb and forefinger.
  3. Press the mucous between your thumb and forefinger.
  4. Slowly separate your thumb and forefinger.  Watch the mucous.  Fertile mucous should form strands and be the consistency of raw egg.  It can also be creamy, milky, or the consistency of thin paste.  It is easy to confuse this fluid with fluid left in the vaginal canal following intercourse.  Try to practice checking for mucous when you have not recently had intercourse.
  5. Write down the days that you have slippery mucous on your calendar if you want to keep track of your fertile days.

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