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deadliest thing

The deadliest thing on your plate

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If you could do one single thing to slow aging, what would it be?

Get a handle on sugar.

Why is it so important?

That carb load we get from sugar simply doesn’t exist in nature. We are not designed to handle it. Without control mechanisms in our body, the sugar would quickly cause damage to every organ and every tissue, clogging all the tiny vessels and slowly suffocating your toes, eyes, kidneys, brain, heart, and genitals. Every part of you is susceptible to this. Insulin puts us into storage mode to survive, so instead of clogging our vessels, we store the sugar as fat.

The consequence is weight gain.

This year, I committed to a year without sugar. I don’t eat a whole lot anyway, but I’ve never gone a year without chocolate. Nothing else in my diet changed. So far, I’ve noticed my “set point” weight has dropped about 15 pounds (below my high school weight). My appetite is lower than ever. My sleep is better. Hormone balance is better. My mood is better. Digestion is better. My skin is better. I find myself so incredibly relieved to not desire the sugar at all. I’ve thought that maybe at the end of the year I’ll just keep going. It’s not because I don’t like sugar, I’m just like anyone else.

It just feels so much better to avoid it completely.

I know that I am one chocolate bar away from forgetting how much better I feel, so I don’t make exceptions.

Scattered Sugar image

Sugar image showing scattered sugar

I don’t expect you to quit sugar forever. My perspective is different, I see people suffering from their sugar intake all day. I get constant reminders, and I watch people suffer as they are powerless against it. I am reminded of the terrible addiction that people face and I don’t want it. I think about Type III diabetes (more in another blog) and think about my keeping my brain healthy and that alone makes me want to keep going. I see people who will trade their self-esteem, mood, energy level, weight, sleep, work function, favorite clothes, skin, hair, and teeth for sugar. They will give up anything before they give this up. Literally, people will give up their happiness because they are afraid they will be unhappy without sugar. I would argue that nearly every non-violent cause of death in the US is more likely with sugar consumption. I would argue that the biggest thing you can do to live a longer and healthier life is to cut or at least reduce sugar. We eat it because we like it and because we are addicted.

You think you’ll stop if you develop a disease caused by sugar?

Lots of people can’t. You may wonder why people smoke or drink excessively. You may look at them and think about what they are giving up for that habit. What are you giving up for sugar? What could you have if you quit it? The truth is, so many things will improve for you that you won’t even know until you try it. I will challenge you today to go for 21 days without sugar and see how it makes you feel.

For my patients, I recommend the 21 Day Sugar Detox book.

It is easy to read and has helpful recipes and ideas. If you get through that, you are just getting started on realizing that cutting the worst thing on our plate may not be that hard after all.

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