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Suffering From Mommy Brain?

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After a woman has a baby, her progesterone levels can drop enough to actually cause shrinking of the learning center in the brain.  Arg!  Suddenly you’re forgetting everything!.  Ideally this gets better over time.  There are natural ways to work with mommy brain.  Try this simple method that is easy, free, and you can start today.  Meditation has been shown to help with atrophy (shrinking) of the brain.  Try meditation each morning and see if your memory gets better.  You will get better at this every time you do it and can learn to do it very quickly, even when you are with others and run into stressful situations.

This classic method includes guided meditations, guided imagery, and soothing sounds to help you reach a different state of mind.

Of course, for people with serious hormone imbalances, you still might not feel like yourself.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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