rencontre telephone forum **Packages must  be purchased over the phone or in the office.  Please call 913-888-0331 or stop in to learn more.**

Hormone Package
One (1) ninety minute complete assessment of your history, previous labs, and symptoms. New labs will be ordered. A temporary dietary and exercise program may be started.
One (1) two week follow up appointment to review all new labs and treatment plan including diet, exercise, medication adjustments, herbs, and referrals.
One (1) six week follow up appointment to go over progress from new changes
One (1) twelve week follow up appointment to assess improvements and make a long term plan
Two (2) short phone check-ins during the early stages of your plan.
Retail price is $865 ($95 savings).
Pain Management
Includes four (4) pain management sessions ($40 savings).
Treatments include, but are not limited to, acupuncture and gua sha.
Includes ten (10) acupuncture sessions ($100 savings).
We recommend that you book all of your appointments immediately after purchase. You can always reschedule an appointment (up to 24 hours in advance).
ThermiVa Package
Includes three (3) treatments, each one month apart.