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Overworked and Overwhelmed: 27 Things Moms Need to Know

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  1. Understand why your lack of sleep is making you gain weight.  Sleep deprivation will make you eat more and burn less.  Your female hormones, thyroid, and stress hormones all change for the worse to slow your metabolism when you are not sleeping. Click Here
  2. Why mom is stressed:  This is one of my favorite posts to share with your husband.  She is so right!  This is one of the reasons we are so stressed!! cheap sunglasses lyrics Click Here.
  3. Mommy Brain:  Did you know that lower progesterone after birth actually causes the learning center of your brain to shrink?  You also have changes in the part that processes emotions.  This can really change the way your brain works!  Learn one way to deal with mommy brain without meds or any outside cost: enter Click Heremom's-brain-out-of-order
  4. Brain Power:  There are 5 simple things you can do at home to improve your brain function that you can start today.  Read about balancing brain power with super easy lifestyle choices: Click Here
  5. Nutrients for Stress:  In my experience, the biggest nutritional helpers for stress are vitamin C and B vitamins.   go here Check out this article for more info!
  6. Lifesavers for childhood illness:  Dr. Johnson summarizes years of experience as a doc and a mom to give you safe easy ways to keep kids healthy at home.  rencontres filles ukrainiennes Click Here

  7. Insomnia and hormones:  The hormone that is making you wake up (sleep and progesterone) alternatief binaire opties Click Here
  8. Chemical exposure in the home:  The free thing you can do right this minute to greatly reduce the toxins coming into your house. enter Click Here
  9. 3 crucial reasons people eat too much:  Your overeating—what is happening and why?  It doesn’t matter how good your dietary program is if you can’t follow it!   follow Click Here

  10. Thyroid:  what you need to know.  We all know that thyroid causes weight gain, but so do a lot of things.  I ask a ton of questions to assess thyroid weight gain vs. other reasons.  Here are some of the things I am looking for:  Click Here
  11. Fast super easy meals:  Here are some super simple 5 ingredient crockpot meals that are gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free.  I love easy!  Enjoy! prograf 1mg bula Click Here
  12. Tricks for raising a picky eater.  I love these ideas!  With picky babies, I always liked to do “bubbles for bites”.  It made meals fun and easier. rosuvastatina cálcica 10mg preço Click Here
  13. Why you should do a 21 day sugar detox   unisom cvs price Click Here21-day-sugar-detox
  14. Stress related weight gain:  In my experience, people who carry blood type A seem to be more susceptible to stress related weight gain.  Click Here
  15. When people tell you to stop caring about what others think, this is why that’s stupid.   Don’t let anyone beat you up because you are woman who cares what other people think sometimes.  Most of us care about how people view us as mothers, wives, friends, neighbors, and even strangers.  You know who doesn’t?  People with personality disorders, spectrum disorders, and other serious problems.  So don’t feel bad because you care!  Just find balance.  Check out this point of view too:
  16. Cereal is not a good breakfast.  If you only want to change one thing about your diet, please start here.  Eggs are good, steel cut oats with nuts can be good, but no cereal! Click Here
  17. Your difficult child:  Your kid’s most difficult qualities right now may be their best assets later.   I  often see kids with weaknesses that could become strengths in adulthood! Click Here
  18. Cheap and easy whole foods for people who can’t afford all organic foods.  Click Here
  19. Connecting with your school age kids:  I walk my boys to school every day, and I try to make conversation fun and light.  I love these ideas for conversation starters.  Sometimes it is easy to ask the same old boring stuff. Click Here
  20. Tantrum Free:  Check out this excerpt from my favorite toddler book. I still use these techniques on my older kids!! Click Here
  21. Introducing food to babies.  The easiest way to raise a good eater is to start babies with veggies! Click Here
  22. It’s not all your fault when your kid has problems.  There are so many reasons to believe that fears and anxieties can actually be passed down generationally!  Of course our behavior influences our kids, but there may be more to it than that. Click Here
  23. Understanding hormones and weight loss video: This one is Tina Sprinkle and I talking about weight loss and some surprising things you might not have known about diet and hormones:  Click Here
  24. Premenstrual moodiness:  This is a huge trigger for premenstrual rage, and most of us have absolutely no idea that it matters at all!  What you can do with your lighting to change your mood. Click Herepremenstrual-moodiness
  25. Hidden Sources of Sugar: Click Here
  26. The Science of addictive foods video: Click Here
  27. Your average doctor doesn’t have time to talk to you about your hair loss, weight, mood, sleep, or energy level. Click Herewhat-your-doctor-doesnt-have-time-to-tell-you

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