Knowing My Essential Oils

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Knowing My Essential Oils

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source site Essential oils are so popular right now!  People are always coming and asking about the things they are trying at home.  The biggest thing that I run into is that,  sometimes people don’t know what will work and what may not be strong enough.  Please keep in mind that even if you like essential oils as a treatment, I still suggest you have someone supervising your care.  I will share my favorites!

source site 1. Lavender:  My favorite use for this one is, of course, sleep.  You can buy this encapsulated for a slow release sleep product.  I also occasionally have people put a drop in their water and leave it by their bed.  That way, they can drink it if they wake up.  Easy, and no sleep hangover.  I also might add a drop to water in tea on a particularly stressful day.  This must be with an oil that is made for consumption obviously. 2.  see Peppermint:  Enteric coated peppermint is a key supplement for me in managing IBS and diverticulitis.  For both, you often need a high dose and it must be encapsulated correctly.  It can cause reflux, so you don’t want to use too much without a capsule.

3.  go to link Oregano Oil:  While a single drop orally or on the feet might not be enough to fight an ear infection, oregano oil is powerful.  It is great for killing fungal and bacterial infections.  It is strong enough to upset your stomach.  It MUST be taken with a probiotic, just like an antibiotic.

4. Tea Tree Oil:  This is a popular one, although I tend to lean more toward garlic oil when I need something like this.  Tea tree oil can be good for topical applications, but it can also be irritating so you have to be careful.  Some people do use it orally, although I don’t recommend it.

Please feel free to share your favorite essential oils in the comments!

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