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Infertility From Dairy or Gluten?

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I have seen patient for fertility who have gotten pregnant very quickly by making simple dietary changes. Two surprisingly easy adjustments would include cutting out dairy and gluten IF you have digestive problems.

Gas and bloating are signs that your food may not be digesting well.  This may be due to food intolerances, stress, or an imbalance in your intestinal flora.  It could also be a sign of a problem with dairy or gluten.

photo-of-foods-with-glutenGluten is found in most baked goods and all products that contain wheat flour.  A significant problem with gluten will manifest as gas or diarrhea following wheat products.  If you are bloated constantly, this may be a concern for you.  Problems with gluten can interfere with nutrient absorption.  It is believed that the nutrient deficiency is the cause of the resulting decreased fertility.  If you have problems with bloating and are trying to conceive, take gluten out for 3 weeks and see if your digestion changes.  If it does, leave it out.  You may also notice changes in joint pain, skin problems, fatigue, sleep problems, and metabolism.

photo-of-dairy-foodsDairy can also interfere with fertility if you have trouble digesting it.  The sugar found in milk and dairy products is called galactose.  Many women are unable to turn galactose into usable energy. When galactose is not broken down, it circulates in the blood. The galactose is harmful to the ovaries and the unfertilized eggs.  Development of unfertilized eggs may be impaired by the sugar from milk.  In general, studies show that one serving of dairy FAT (no more, no less) may be beneficial for fertility; the lactose can actually be harmful.  Many people find that a wide range of health conditions are improved from removing dairy from the diet.  The most common problems that benefit from removing dairy include ear infections, sinus infections, IBD, asthma, and allergies.  Many people who suffer from those conditions don’t realize that the dairy may also be interfering with fertility!

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