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Alternative Medicine is Expensive!

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I can’t tell you how often people comment on how expensive it can be to have even short consultations with alternative medicine providers. I have even had a few patients tell me that my visits cost more than visits with their doctors. Actually, most of the time the cost is much lower; you are just not used to paying it! The average provider spends 7 minutes with you and bills $220 for the visit. That’s quite a bit of money coming in by the hour. With most holistic practices, the money we bring in gets re-invested in you and your care. It gets put into quality, not advertising. It goes to staff, supplies, utilities, extra comfortable chairs and tables, chemical free hand soap, green cleaners for the office, and time spent giving you care and attention. It rarely goes to some high paid CEO.

Check out this video about where your money goes in the conventional system:

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